TRUTH DIGLessons from the Exxon Valdez, by Amy Goodman

LA PROGRESSIVETwo Alaskan Women, Two Alaskan Stories

THE SOLARI REPORTCordovan Riki Ott Proposes 28th Amendment: Separation Of Corporation And State

SEATTLE POST INTELLEGENCERAlaska marine biologist makes an impassioned case against oil at all costs

THE SANTA BARBARA INDEPENDENTProfessor Riki Ott on the Dangers of Oil Dependency

IN THESE TIMESOur Town vs. Exxon: Marine biologist Riki Ott explains how Cordova, Alaska rebounded 20 years after the spill.

BUZZ FLASHRiki Ott Explains How Alaska Went From ‘Not One Drop’ to More Than 11 Million Gallons of Oil, Thanks to the Exxon Valdez


YES! MAGAZINEExxon Valdez 20 Years Later

GRIST – Riki answers questions on Grist

ALTERNETA Letter to the Governor of Alaska

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